Empowering local communities

to take action for children!

Our work is to ensure that the global community and grass roots EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION(ECE) stakeholders have the knowledge, and motivation to make a real change in inclusive ECE worldwide. We are not advocating for sign language instruction to be accessible to only deaf children, we are ensuring that all children receive sign language instruction as a second language of communication in their early years, 0-8yrs.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 4

2020 Submissions  open   in  August!

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Submit your two minutes video...

Tell us how you are using your national sign language to interact with and support young children's learning.


Are you passionate and using your National Sign Language to support children 0-8yrs, in their learning?

Submit a two minutes video about your work and get recognized and rewarded for your work.

Submissions from Ghana, Kenya, Rwanda and Malawi must attach a co-signed letter of collaboration with a local early years program to qualify for the book development prize. Letters must be co-signed by a school who is interested to collaborate with you to introduce sign language in their schools' program, and is willing to work with you on the book idea

if you are selected as a winner in the

2020 Global sign Challenge.

Are you a preschool, local education group or non-profit organization working with children 0-8yrs, and is interested in introducing sign language in your program?

 Nominate someone from your community who is passionate and already using your national sign language to improve young children's language and communication skills.

We would provide training and support, if your nominee is selected as a winner in the 2020 Global sign Challenge, your nominee would also work with your school to develop a book idea for publication and use, to engage children in your program.

Ready to make an impact? Contact us to learn how we can begin working together.


The Global sign Challenge is an annual event that seeks to celebrate the amazing stories of how individuals around the world are using their National Sign Languages to improve children's communication skills and learning.

Winners are also empowered, trained and supported to collaborate  with Early Years Centres, Grassroots organizations and Education Groups in their local communities to create story book ideas for digital and print publication, distribution and use.








  • to further the development, awareness and appreciation of national /regional/local sign languages.

  • promote creativity and originality in interacting with and supporting young childrens' learning.

  • foster community and familial relationships with young children.

  • foster a sense of pride in sign language and deaf culture/identity.

  • Our overall vision is to get sign language introduced in all early years programs worldwide by 2030

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