Jury For GsC 2020

 Lily Kudzro

Inclusive education advocate, social entrepreneur, organizer of Global sign Challenge,

Founder and Executive Director @ Devio Early Childhood Institute.



Alysha Allen is an award-winning primary school teacher in North London, with several years of experience in the special needs school setting and 2years experience as a mainstream class teacher.

’I am highly honoured to be invited as the Ambassador for the Global sign Challenge, and excited to use the opportunity to promote sign language in children’s development whether they are deaf or hearing, because it is a fundamental skill to promote an inclusive world.’’
I look forward to all your videos using your national signs,

Christopher Kurz is a professor at the

Rochester Institute of Technology’s National Technical Institute for the Deaf (RIT/NTID) and School of Interactive Games and Media who shares a passionate energy to promote sign language acquisition and literacy skills for every deaf child around the world.

As a partner for the Global sign Challenge, he and his team works with winners in the design of picture illustrations and sign language videos for all story book ideas for publication, on their World Around You digital library platform.

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