We strongly believe that stories help us create connections with people even if they don't speak our language. Stories help push people's button and inspires them to take action.


In a two minutes video, tell us how you are using your national sign language to make impact in children's learning.

All videos must have captions in English.


Applicants from Ghana, Kenya, Rwanda and Malawi, must attach a co-signed letter from a preschool of their choice they would be collaborating with in the book development prize, to be eligible for the book prize.


     Video Evaluation

  • Innovation

  • Content and language use (Storytelling)

  • Theme: Using sign language to interact with and support children's learning

Up to 10winners from any country in the world would receive recognition, a customized goodie bag, and a certificate of participation, for their outstanding work.

In Partnership with World Around You:

https://deafworldaroundyou.org/Stories, three(3) top winners from Ghana, Kenya, Rwanda and Malawi, would receive training, support and coaching to work with early years centres in their community to create story books in their national sign languages for digital and print publication, distribution and use. Winners would also receive incentives on all publications.

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